Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs

A Brief History Although, departments were functioning from the time of Amir Sher Ali Khan and Amir Abdul Rahman Khan to manage Tribal Affairs, yet officially a department for the very purpose came into being during the reign of king Amanullah Khan in 1921. The mentioned department was given the status of sub-directorate during reign of king Mohammad Nadir Shah in 1930. This sub-directorate was promoted to a directorate of tribal affairs in 1947 when Shah Mahmood Khan was ruling the country. In September 06, 1953, during the reign of Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan, the mentioned directorate was given the status of independent directorate of tribal affairs. In 1973, when Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan established the first people republic in the history of the country, the directorate was promoted to a ministry under the name of “Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs “.