Technical Provincial Officer

Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs:


Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs (MOBTA) is a leading ministry that supports and represents the needs and grievances of the tribes and border communities of the country. The ministry has always played an instrumental role in political stability, governance and economic growth.

Policy Planning and Strategy Development Unit:

Minister of MOBTA has established a new Policy Planning and Strategy development Unit within the ministry to define and sets out the key direction for the ministry, and establish a foundation to produce qualitative strategic documents to enable the environment for further developing National Programs, and understanding the role of Afghan tribes and border communities in peace building and political stability. The unit will also assist to develop the capacity of the current ministry employees, and work with them closely to identify technical gaps within the ministry and address their long term plans and policies. It has been prioritized that the unit will be more focused on the provinces, and will be establishing a visible and active office within the border provinces, and these offices will be systematically working with the tribes and communities to understand them and identify means how to integrate them in the mainstream population and to address their grievances. 

Job Description:

MOBTA will be further enhancing their provincial offices, by employing a technical program management officer who will be assisting and training the provincial directors of MOBTA at the provincial level.
The Policy Planning and Strategy Development Unit aims, through its country program, to promote the equal rights of all tribes and marginalized group of people living in the outskirts of border provinces,  and to streamline these tribes and communities to support their full participation in the political, social, and economic development of their communities.
Mainly the technical Provincial officers will be facilitating the central Policy Planning and Strategy Development Unit to furnish them with data and information they require for further policy development. These officers will be trained in the central ministry and will understand how to identify potential growth gaps and what programs can be introduced in order to develop a common understanding between the government and the border districts, and bring developmental opportunities for the community they serve.

The technical provincial officers are required to understand all native languages of Afghanistan, mainly Pashto and Dari, and must be acquainted with all customs, norms and rules and regulations of tribal people. They must know how to effectively communicate with them, and understand their grievances.

There will be a proper monitoring and evaluation mechanism in place, the technical provincial officers will be required to report on regular time period, they will be provided a work plan to understand their list of activities in detail. The technical provincial officers will also be participating in most of the government seminars and workshops. They need to liaise issues of the tribes with their related government departments, such as education, heath, rural development and other big projects.

To summarize, these Technical Provincial Officers will be part of the MOBTA’s structure located at the provincial offices, basically to support and facilitate program management, planning, monitoring and reporting.

Desired Qualification and Experience:

An important responsibility for this position will be to support transfer of competencies to provincial staff for improved program management. Therefore, we are looking for qualified professional with previous experience in program management, community based program development, monitoring and evaluation, conflict resolution management and capacity building.

Proven ability to support coordination and management of large programs including budget, with clear results.  

Current knowledge of development issues, policies, as well as social program strategies, procedures in international development cooperation and experience with Community Mobilization.  

MOBTA also requests that the candidate must have an advanced university degree (minimum bachelor level) in one of the disciplines relevant to the following areas: Economics, Social sciences, anthropology, Business Administration, international development or public health.

In addition to professional expertise, candidates are required having skills in training and developing others, applied awareness and sensitivity to cross-cultural communication, patience, tolerance and flexibility. They manage with good humor the daily challenges of working with very limited resources.  

Language Skills:

Effective communication required in the following languages, both written and oral:


  • English
  • Pashto
  • Dari


Submission Guideline:

Interested and qualified candidates should submit introduction letter and CV to the MOBTA’s Policy Planningand Strategy Development Unit, HR email address:



Note: Only short listed candidates will be called for the interview.