07.01.2017, today, an administrative meeting was arranged under the supervision of the acting minister of the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs Mr. Abdul Ghafor Lewal and it included the deputy ministers, advisers and head of the departments.

The meeting began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Firstly, the Acting Minister Mr.  Lewal talked based on the insistence of the cabinet that all the ministries must present the timely reporting of their action plans and their achievements in the provinces. In addition, he talked to the council of the ministers about submitting the annual report of the year 1395 containing the reports of those who have achieved 94% of their relevant tasks. However, he assigned the responsibility of one agriculture related case to the office staff and instructed them to help as much as relevant to the ministry.

Mr. Lewal also discussed the participation in the financial and budgetary committee of National Council, and said that we have received the budget we requested and won’t have any problem, but we should understand our responsibilities and should focus on the implementation of our plans with undivided attention.

Besides, he talked about meetings with the tribal leaders, elders and dignitaries and added that Zone advisors, representatives of provinces, elders of commissions and leading coordinators of tribal affairs should also be present next time during such meetings.

Mr. Lewal added that the office of the president insists that there should be a communication channel based on a defined mechanism to perform meetings with elders.

In this regard, he instructed the chief of the office and colleagues to report to the relevant departments about meetings with tribal leaders.

Then, several departments were assigned a duty to celebrate the week of ratification of constitution with great celebrations.

All aspects of several topics about bringing involuntary changes in the administrative department of the ministry were also discussed.

The director of Plan and Policy directorate was assigned a duty to discuss every change based on petition and should involve the leadership of the ministry and municipality.

In addition, Mr. Lewal also highlighted the winter allowance of ministry related students and insisted that the petition must be received from the Ministry of Finance regarding the allowance. In return, the accounting and finance director promised that he will follow up this issue.

Then, he talked about the suggestion of the Human Resources department which suggested making a commission for the registration and confirmation of the overtime.

After a long discussion a committee led by the finance and administrative deputies was established.     The members of the committee include the Directors of finance and accounting, Human resources, plan, teaching and training, reception and investigation and this committee was assigned a duty that it should share the issue of registration and confirmation overtime in the meeting again after a perfect review.

The suggestion made by the prevision and procure department about purchasing vehicles was also discussed in the meeting.