This meeting was conducted on Monday, 20th marghomai 1395, in the conference hall of the ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs. The acting minister of MoBTA Mr. Abdul Ghafor Lewal, deputies and heads of the ministry, head and employees of the project par

After the recitation of the Holy Quran, the acting minister of the ministry Mr. Lewal talked about the requirements of the information and coordination project and added that be up to date, the time changes and it requires that all the tasks should be changed technically, the information should be modern, exact and should be up to date because information is necessary for providing the services and we can take decisions based on the information.

Mr.   Lewal insisted that the coordination of collecting and arranging information and performing ministry relevant diplomatic and administrative task in a great way is needed to update the information section.

Then the head of the information coordination project system Wahedullah Olfat provided information about the quality of tasks achieved in 1395 and the tasks, plans and activities to be performed in 1396 and added that we will bring various systems, possibilities and servers in use related to the coordination of information in order to transfer information online between provinces to achieve our target.

At the end, a number of participants of the meeting shared their ideas and insisted on cooperation and coordination between the sectors and departments.