The head of the Borders and Tribal Affairs of the Helmand Province Ahmad Naweed Nazari met with the leaders and delegates of national councils in Helmand province and requested them to increase the coordination with each other.

Mr. Nazari requested the national councils to submit their suggestions to the coordination commission management of the department of borders and tribal affairs so that it is further forwarded to the leadership of the ministry.

The head of the MoBTA requested the councils to perform their duties well and advised to the councils which didn’t meet their goals that they should perform their duties according to their work plan and in a well-disciplined way.

The members of the national councils shared their problems, requests and ideas and they requested help from the government organizations to solve their problems.

It is worth mentioning that 38 active national councils have been registered with the department of Borders and Tribal Affairs   and are operating to maintain stable relationship between the people and the government.