Short profile: Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Gul Agha Sherzai, Minister of Border and Affairs

Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Gul Agha son of Haji Abdul Latif is a resident of Kandahar province, and he was born on 1334 in a noble family, his first name is Mohammad Shafiq and later on due to his endless services and bravery he was known as Gul Agha Sherzai. 

Mr. Sherzai started school in the age of eight at Moshraqi High School and after he passed the kankoor

exam to Kandahar Teacher Training Academy.

 Mr. Sherzai  graduated from  Alkhair  university  economic  department . Mr. Sherzai has worked in provincial department of finance in Kandahar province from 1352 to 1357, later he served as a government employee in Speen Buldak district, during the Russian invasion in 1358 in Afghanistan,he stood up against Russian forces along with his father, Haji Abdul Latif who was known as a lion of Kandahar (Zmarai) to defend Islam and his country against invaders.

Under the leadership of Haji Baba, Mr. Gul Agha Sherzai fought bravely in the battlefield against the Russian forces, as a result of which thirty members of his family, including his parents, were martyred.

When his father Haji Abdul Latif was martyred, Mr. Sherzai took over the leadership and responsibility of battlefield, and he defeated  his  enemies.

 When Mujahiden succeeded, Mr. Sherzai was elected as the governor of Kandahar province. In his Era he played an important role in cohesion and he encouraged the people to cooperate in peace building and rehabilitation. During the civil war, he left the country and  immigrated.

When the International community collapsed the Taliban regime, Mr. Sherzai was the commander to conquer the Kandahar province, and he rescued Kandahar from Taliban and Al Qaida, later on he became the head of discipline and managing for southern zone (Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul and Urozgan) and subsequently, Mr. Sherzai came to be as governor of Kandahar province.

During the two years  of his governance, he  founded a new system of governance and played a key role in peace process with Taliban leaders, Mulana Mutawakil, Mula Trabi, Mula Abdul Razaq and many more, but unfortunately the peace process stopped.

 In his era he improved and supported education system in Kandahar , the University of Kandahar (11 blocks) were constructed by him  and with his own resources and also with the help some businessmen . Besides the Sherzai institutes were established in Kandahar and Nangarhar provinces in which 5000 students have been studying, and the institutes are fully funded by him .  Mr. Sherzai had numerous achievements in Kandahar province which need to be written in a book. but we mention some of his achievements here in short,The reconstruction of new government’s buildings, roads, Naring palace (where the provincial assembly is located), Baba Sahib, the Khakriz Park, Khirqa Mubarak Mondigak palace and Ahmad Shah Baba and Mirwar Khan Nika’s shrines.

After the ratification of the constitution, Mr. Sherzai was the first governor to put an end to chaos and accept the central government’s regulation, hence, Mr. Sherzai was appointed as the Minister of Urban Development and Housing within one year, Mr. Sherzai had put the foundation of many towns and 860 apartments in Qasaba and were legally distributed to the deserving families. Besides, the 1800 houses were constructed by UEA for disabled people. Subsequently, Mr. Sherzai was appointed as the Minister of Public Works for six months, during which he made five years development plan, as Kabul-Kandahar road, Jawzjan-Andkhow and Maymana road, besides, Jabal Saraj-Doshi-Parwan-Panjshir road and Kabul circular road. Besides, Mr. Sherzai has made plans for central Bamyan to connect with all roads in the country, along with that the Paghaman road was constructed during eighty two , eventually, Babai Melat Zahir Baba and president Karzai have given him the title of Bulldozer. Meanwhile, the situation was not good in Kandahar, therefore, Mr. Sherzai appointed  for the second time as the  governor of Kandahar for few months.

During the demonstrations in Nangarhar province in which many people were killed and injured, Mr. Sherzai was appointed as the governor, and he had governed almost for 9 years. Mr. Sherzai has persuaded donors for cooperation and reconstructed the Nangarhar province and he managed to increase Revenue from Nangarhar province from 800 million up to over a billion Afghanis. During the era of Mr. Sherzai in Nangarhar province, 2460 km roads were constructed, and canals were constructed for agriculture irrigation and millions of plants were sapled. Parks for males and females, Sherzai stadium, Nangarhar stadium, the circular road, Karzai’s Jirga hall, Youths Park, Sherzai institute and many more successful projects were implemented and led by him. He also brought a dramatic decrease in poppy cultivation.  

On 2014 Mr. Sherzai resigned from his office and nominated for 2014 presidential elections. Mr. Sherzai has participated in Loya Jirga, Bonn and Qebris conferences, as well Mr. Sherzai has received the medal of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan. In a survey conducted by Azadi Radio, Mr. Sherzai was named the best personality of the year.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Sherzai did not have any official duty during the National Unity Government but still had main role in peace, national unity and political stability.

On 4th December 2017, Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Gul Agha Sherzai after obtaining the vote of confidence of the people’s representatives in the Wolesi Jirga was elected as the Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.