Biography of Financial and Administration deputy Minister Sayed Ahmad Haqbin

Sayed Ahmad Haqbin son of Haji Mir Alam was born in 1952, in Sanglakh Ishtragram village, Kohistan district of Kapitsa Province. He completed his primary education at Ghazi Mir Masjidi Khan High School, and then joined medical higher institute of education. He received his bachelors’ degree from the mentioned institute.

He has attended several short-term seminars, courses and workshops in Europe and United States of America.

When Russia invaded Afghanistan, like millions other Afghans, he also migrated to Pakistan and joined the Mujahidin.

During jihad, he was also involved in social activities such as launching nursing courses, delivery of first medical aids, and assigning 12oo medical graduates equipped with medical instruments, to war fronts located in different parts of the country.

He has worked as supervisor for the immigrants of Parwan, Kapisa, and Kabul provinces during Jihad.

He had been an active activist of (I-C-R-C) charity foundation in establishment of medical clinics and hospitals in NorthernProvinces.In addition, he has cooperated with the below mentioned organizations, Swedish committee regarding establishment of primary schools in Kapisa Province during Jihad and Immigration, Gullbahar medical hospital – protozoa department , and settling immigrants in Peshawar  – Pakistan.

He was assigned as representative of mujahidin by the national hero Ahmad Shah Masood and Professor Borhanudin Rabani. Haqbin has attended several political and social sessions.

When Russia was defeated;he was appointed as deputy governorof Kabul province. Lateron, started working as the governor of the mentioned province.

After the establishment of interim government he was appointed as governor of Kapisa Province.

 Then he was appointed as financial and administration deputy minister of the ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs. Currently, he is serving as planning and policy deputy minister of the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs (MoBTA).