Biography of Jirga s’ and Tribal Conformity Deputy Minister Mohammad Yaqoob Ahmadzai

               Mohammad Yaqob Ahmadzai son of Mohammadd Suliman was born in 1962 Sorkhab village, Mohammad Agha district of Logar province. He completed his primary education at Habibia High School.

After Russia invaded our beloved homeland, like millions other Afghans he also migrated to Pakistan and joined jihad in 1978.

 In 1981, he went to Sudia Arabia to pursue his higher education in the field of language and literature. 

Upon his return from Sudia Arabia, he joined the Mujahidin of Hijrat village and participated in the jihad until the defeat and withdrawal of Russia from Afghanistan. At the same time, he organized a peace council in Kabul to avoid civil wars.

In 1994 he was appointed as general director of Afsotr Transit Company. During Taliban regime in1996, once again he migrated to abroad.

After the fall of Taliban regime, once again he was appointed as director of Afsoter Transit Company.

In 2oo2, he was appointed as the director of technical and medical instruments in ministry of commerce and industries.

In 2002 he was appointed as director of north east zone, ministry of Borders and Tribal Affair, later he was appointed as the director of communications among provinces.

Due to his great services to homeland Afghanistan he has been awarded several times by the president.

Is worth mentioning that he is a celebrated author and poet, and his poetry and articles have been published in several magazines.

Currently he is working at Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs as Jirga s’ and tribal conformity deputy minister.