Biography of Mohammad Ghafor Lewal

Mohammad Ghafor Liwal son of Ali Mohammad khan Hosainkhil,, a famous journalist, poet and author of several books was born in a religious and educated (open-minded) family in 1926, in Mosahi district of Kabul province.

Liwal completed his primary education at Atbar Khan High School in 1992. He joined Kabul University and studied Pashto Language and Literature .Liwal received his master s’ degree in 2009 from the mentioned university. From2004- 2005 he studied Journalism in Mariland University of United States. Pashto is his native language, but has full command over Dari and English languages.

Mohammad Ghafor Liwal is skilled in writing literary papers, literary prose, literary criticism, , epic and social poems. He has written more than 150 scientific; research andsocial papers in various genera such as journalism, and psychology.

1-the followings are his books written in Pashto language : goodbye and two poems, cry, fire, love poetry collection, dear ( Hosai) historical and epic poem, Arshak and Oshas, historical epic poem, value of silk , literary criticism, when you get upset( poetry collection), the best plays and activities for children, research , stories of Nilofar, stories of female heroin  , ladies of Troy city , I never forget you ( poetry collection) ,literary  notes, collection of researches and essays, you are my poetry ( poetry collection), researching literary works of Sayed Bahwdeen Majroh .

2- Thirdway, collection of political and social papers (essay)

3- Afghanism, collection of political and social papers

4-20 milliners, collection of political and social papers

5- Principles of teaching (thesis)

Official duties and responsibilities

  • Worked as General Reporter  in Azadi Radio 2002
  • Worked as director of the Press Office of the Constitutional Commission 2003-2004
  • Worked as director  of Culture Department , and as  Cultural Advisor 2005
  • Worked as director of the Afghanistan Regional Research Center 2004-2015

  Is worth mentioningthat, he has attended several national and international conferences and symposiums held in Europe and Asia. He has also delivered presentations on various issues in English language.

  • Attended  international symposium of Europe and Asia , Hasklion University of Japan
  • Attended Oska University Seminar , Japan 2009
  • Attended Seko Regional and International Conference 2009
  • Attended Afghanistan and Asian  Regional Center  Conference, Doshanba , Tajkistan 2008
  • Attended Joint  Activities , Stabilities , Facilities and Democracy International Conference 2008 , Bako , Azarbyjan
  • Attended Afghanistan Reconstruction Progress Regional Conference , JawaherLalNahro University, India
  • Attended Reconstruction of new silk road international conference , Kashmir University, India
  • Preparing Peace Curriculum for Southern Asia Conference , Delhi , India
  • Governing and Political Issues Conference , Islamic University of Afghanistan
  • Nato Development in Europe  and Asia International Conference , Tehran, Iran
  • Bringing Peace to Southern Asia Regional Conference, Delhi, India
  • Peace for Afghanistan, India , Pakistan Conference , Delhi, India 2007-2009


Moreover, he has participated in more than 25 national conferences such as

Practical Regional Cooperation Conference 2010, Istanbul-Turkey, and

Shanghai Practical Conference, Almaty -Qazaqistan



Cultural and political activities

  • Representative of young Authors , Journalists, Poets in Jirga
  • Head of Press group , and Announcer for the Constitutional Jirga
  • Worked as Reporter for Afghanistan Humanitarian  Aids Center 1998-2001
  • Worked as Chief Editor for Peace and War Reporting Institute 2001

 He is having the membership of Qalam International Athenaeum, Afghan Cultural Council and Afghan Literary Trends.


Currently he is working as   Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs