Khoshal Khan No. 2 High School

                Providing educational opportunities and facilities (services) for the students of disadvantage areas is one of the prime goals of the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs (MoBTA). Due to many reasons, in particular insecurity in the country, demand for admission in Khushal Khan and Rahman Baba schools was increasing rapidly (schools established by MoBTA for the residents of disadvantage areas) ,  whereas the mentioned two schools did not have the capacity of providing educational services to such a large number of students . Based on this vital demand MoBTA planned establishing Khoshal Khan No .2   in Padola area of Kabul city.  The school was established in 2009. The mentioned school is run by 94 teachers, administrators and workers. The school has money blocks including  dormitories (hostel), a laboratory, a library and a masjid (mosque). Besides educational activities, attention is being paid to sport activities. The school has football, volleyball and cricket teams which are well –trained and well equipped.  These teams have participated in several domestic level competitions so far, that have had great achievements for the school     .